Jewelry Repair & Design


We have an in-store jeweler and guarantee that your jewelry will NEVER be sent out!

Why trust your jewelry to be sent out? At Jess, we do our repairs in-store, so your jewelry is always in good hands and top-quality workmanship is always first priority. Our repair shop is equipped with a state-of-the-art Laser Welding machine. This machine allows us to repair even the toughest jobs with pin-point accuracy. We can repair those Opal or Emerald pieces that other jewelers simply cannot. Do you have an Estate piece that requires delicate handling? Our Laser system produces very little heat, so we can repair even the most fragile items.

Don’t want to leave your jewelry? We offer While-You-Wait (WYW) repairs. This means that you can set an appointment and have your jewelry repaired right in front of you.

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